Transfer Technologií Technologie a Inovace o.s. – Transfer Technologií v ČR a EU

About us

TEIN is a civic association that focuses its activities to transfer of technologies, support to innovations in industry, education in the field of technologies and innovations in the Czech Republic with a vision to support involvement of the Czech Republic into the European and world economy.

Who we are:

TEIN is an alkaloid stimulating nerve system, eliminating fatigue. We are a civic association of university educated experts in the sector of technical science that were working a lot of years in industry, we have experience with projects and programs supported by European Commission, we know problems accompanying transfer of scientific results into the practice. We know time stress that brings research projects to scientists.
We think that it is not important for each industrial company to have own innovation and technology transfer expert. More efficient could be to take advantage of professional company that is able to develop and realise all technology transfer activities.


  • organisation of seminars and trainings.
  • looking for perspective technologies.
  • transfer of technologies.
  • procurement of contacts with partners abroad.
  • presentation of the Czech technologies abroad.
  • RTD projects management.

Our mission:

Our activities are oriented to support and realisation of technology transfer, innovation in industry, to support of education in the field of technologies and innovation that could foster involvement of the Czech Republic into the European and world economies. Our services are used by scientists which want to exploit their research results in practice and they do not want destroy their health, mind and financial savings. Also our services could be used by innovative companies which are looking for progressive and competitive technologies and products and which do not possess sufficient capital for searching or development of technologies and its realisation in production.